Windows Dedicated Server: To Get A Power-Packed Yet Flexible Server

Businesses with larger websites and apps trust dedicated servers more than taking hosting services as it offers them the security, flexibility, and power to customize everything as per their requirements. Windows dedicated servers are dedicated hardware with power-packed performance to make your website outperform on the parameters of usability, speed, and functionality. WeblinkIndia, a trusted windows dedicated hosting provider, empowers you with customizable Windows dedicated server hosting. With our servers, you can choose the operating system you require, access the administrative panel, and get full control of the servers.

Benefits of Window Server

  • Support For .NET Technologies
    .NET technology is a software framework built in the house of Microsoft. All the websites that are made with .NET technologies are only supported by Windows Dedicated Server.
  • Support For MS, VB, MS Access And MS SQL
    Windows dedicated server offers assistance to the databases that are built with Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL, unlike the Linux server that doesn’t support such databases. Moreover, the Windows-based server also supports Microsoft Visual Basic.
  • Support For Microsoft Web Development Tools
    One of the primary benefits of a window dedicated server is that it offers support to varied Microsoft web development tools such as FrontPage and Visual InterDev.
  • Support For Microsoft Sharepoint Services
    In order to share information, Microsoft has generated a service platform “SharePoint”. The SharePoint services are only accessible to the server that runs the Windows operating system.
  • Convenience For All MS Office Services
    The files related to Microsoft Office are accepted universally, in spite of the cost of Microsoft’s software. If you are seeking MS Office services on your server, simply opt for Windows dedicated server.

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